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Press Release


Contact: Innovo Publishing Company


A created colorful character helps to teach one of life’s many lessons

The extremely gifted artist, Linda M. Brandt, of St. Augustine, Florida

has penned “Henry’s Life as a Tulip Bulb or Developing an Attitude of

Gratitude,” in order to help teach the young, as well as the older child

in all of us, one of life’s most important lessons.

“Henry’s Life as a Tulip Bulb” is a beautifully illustrated coffee table

book that has a message for all ages. This whimsical tale is a

delightful story about growing through unexpected changes. Henry’s

story will lead you through the seasons of life.

Linda M. Brandt is the only known survivor of a rare brain tumor that

incapacitated her for nearly three years. It is from her near death

experience that she was inspired to foster “an attitude of gratitude”

within her own life.

Linda M. Brandt has recently signed an agreement with Innovo

Publishing Company to introduce this children’s book as part of a series of inspirational books by the same author.


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