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Linda M. Brandt Artist, presents a wide and variegated portfolio of both spiritual and secular paintings. Her style is late impressionist with the influences of the Pont-Aven (Nabi) and Fauve turn of the century schools.

Drawing since the age of four, Linda landed her first professional job illustrating political cartoons at the age of nineteen. With a background in both formal and personal training, Linda continues to illustrate a totally unique style of color and design.

Linda’s work has hung in Europe and is in the homes of private collectors, including several Ohio political figures, the late President Ronald Reagan, and past Ohio Governor, SeBook Cover - Henry the Tulip Bulbnator George Voinovich.

In addition to her famous portraits, Linda is also well known for her life like murals of Tuscan Vineyards and Floral Gardens. With numerous awards during her art career, she has been featured as WTLW-TV’s Art Director and has been at the helm of many International Companies, designing and marketing new and successful products.

Having recently undergone brain surgery for a very rare and serious tumor, Linda experienced a near-death period after contracting spinal meningitis and was in hospital critical care for nearly two months. While receiving an additional MRI, her predeceased son, Scottie was sent to “bring her home.”

At that time, Linda cried, “No, No. I have too many paintings to paint!” Needless to say, her work was not done and Linda was returned to the present.

Linda began painting once more after months of rehabilitation, learning to walk, drive again, and by the prayers and love of her family and friends. Most of all, Linda believes in the Grace of God.

Collectors of Linda M. Brandt’s work believe it is even more inspirational and dramatic than before as she shares her “triumph over tragedy” through the gift of art.

Linda M Brandt, presents a wide portfolio of both spiritual and secular paintings. She has recently published the first in a series of books about Henry the Tulip Bulb and his friends. Her theme of "Developing an Attitude of Gratitude" has struck a cord with parents wanting their children to look past problems and look forward to opportunity..

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