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Henry's Newsletter

Henry’s Newsletter

Henry hits the road and spends most of the month of April in Ohio!

Author / Illustrator Linda M. Brandt and her character, Henry the Tulip bulb headed to Ohio to make presentations to schools, to churches, universities and to libraries.

Her new book arrived just in time for her first presentation in Cridersville. The Centennial Elemenary School in Wapakoneta celebrated the arrival of one of their own as Linda made a two day presentation to their students.

Linda graduated from Centennial, so it was a wonderful tribute to her when the school created a whole series of studies around the story of Henry.

A full sized costume was prepared by Lori Immell of St. Augustine for this tour and a small, hand-held puppet was created by Danny Roush of Lima, Ohio. Both of these characters help set the stage for an exciting and personal presentation by Brandt.

Henry takes on a new look!

The new Henry the Tulip Bulb CostumeJust in time for Spring... Henry the Tulip Bulb has been made into a full size costume for use in Linda M. Brandt’s speaking engagements at schools, churches and civic organizations.

If you have scheduled a presentation, be sure to have a highly animated, smaller person ready to make their acting debut as Henry needs to “come alive” at these events.

It will be great fun and everyone will be laughing with delight!

Last chance to order Henry as a collectable!

Here’s what happened... if you take a look at page 7 in the original printing, you will find that Jenny has TWO RIGHT FEET!

When this was pointed out to the author, she immediately created a new painting to replace this obvious error... subsequently, the original Henry book which is larger in size than the next edition, is sure to become a collector’s item!

Order your Original Henry, now!!! Call the author, Linda M. Brandt at 904-810-1036 to order this collectable.

The Ohio Book Tour Begins!

4/14/08 - Cridersville, OH - The Ohio Book Tour began with an appearance on Monday at Cridersville Elementary Grade School. She had a presentation before the entire school in the morning and individual sessions with students ranging from Kindergarten to the 4th Grade. Click here, to view pictures of this event.

4/15 & 4/16 - Wapakoneta, OH - The day begins at Centennial Elementary with an assembly in the morning and individual sessions in the afternoon.

4/17 & 4/18 - Wapakoneta, OH - Northridge Elementary

4/20/08 - Wapakoneta, OH - First English Lutheran Church, 3:00 pm, corner of Mechanic and Blackhoof - all invited.

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