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This is Henry’s latest book by Linda M. Brandt. This is the third in a series of children’s books designed to teach young and old alike “An Attitude of Gratitude”.

Have you ever wanted to visit Paris, eat their delectable food, greet one another in French, etc., etc.??? Well, that has been Henry's Dream....yet....oh, no....what happened??? You'll love this little book and it's message of developing an "Attitude of Gratitude". You'll also learn one of life's greatest lessons. “Henry’s ALMOST Trip to Paris” makes a great gift. The illustrations are beautiful and Henry’s a recommended read for ages 5 to 95.  Linda


My Jonah Journey: Developing an Attitude of Gratitude is the true story of Linda M. Brandt’s triumphant journey through a series of Job-like catastrophic experiences: the tragic death of her thirty-two-year-old son, the discovery of a rare brain tumor and the precarious surgery that followed, the horrendous episode of spinal meningitis, and then her own near-death experience. For four minutes and with doctors working frantically, Linda lay heart-stopped and unbreathing on a cold hospital table next to the MRI tunnel where her son, Scottie, had been sent to bring her home.

But God had other plans….

Now for the first time in book form, Linda M. Brandt shares her three-year “Jonah journey,” describing how she replaced fear and despair with an attitude of gratitude as she learned to walk again, to drive, to paint, to undertake normal day-to-day activities, and then finally to do them alone. Of course, Linda is the first to say she never really was alone. Doctors told her, “We never see people like you again. They just go into their houses and go away.” But because of God’s grace, Linda’s was a different journey. My Jonah Journey: Developing an Attitude of Gratitude will inspire even the most skeptical among us and reveal the One who loves us very, very much.


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Henry The Tulip Bulb Video (Linda M. Brandt)

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H.K. Gilbert gives book review for award-winning author Linda M. Brandt

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SAVE $5 - Reg. 49.95....if you buy both....JUST $44.95 (plus S&H and FL sales tax when applicable)...book will be handsigned by author/illustrator Linda M. Brandt. After going through months of testing for just the right "huggableness", The Henry Doll is American Made and ready and is the perfect companion for your little one! Get yours today for Christmas....limited supply! Teaches children the leadership skill of Developing an Attitude of Gratitude!

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henry doll

The Henry Doll is, now, available for purchase.

The cost is only $29.95 plus Florida sales tax if applicable plus shipping and handling.

Click on the link, below, to go to the Henry store.

A perfect testimony of Henry’s “huggableness”... now, come on, doesn’t that make you just want to smile???

Order yours today for lots of Henry hugs!

from Mike and Kelly Hegemier -

   Ashley fell asleep tonight holding her new Henry doll.



I am writing another Henry book. Hundreds of teachers, parents,  and counselors have requested this as a therapeutic tool in better  understanding children.

It seems little folks need an opportunity to  ask about their own "Henry" moments. Sometimes just voicing their  concerns helps to relieve some of the tension (or stinky moments!).  Good therapy, so - write Henry!

The PO Box address for  those to send their "What Would Henry Do?" letters is as follows:

    Henry the Tulip Bulb

    303-B Anastasia Blvd. PMB 121

    St. Augustine, Fl 32080

Henry has a Facebook Fan Page -

Danny Roush's Nephew

Join the fun and click on the Facebook Link, below - follow the latest activities of Henry and his exploits -

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One of Henry’s Friends -

Here is one of Henry’s new friends, Gabriel, nephew of Danny Roush - creator of the Henry doll

New Picture at Trinity Christian Academy

Here is a new picture I posted from my visit at Trinity Christian Academy

PurpleTulips&Linda320x492Ohio Tour

On their recent tour in Ohio in April, Linda and Henry pose for a picture with Henry’s relatives - Purple Tulips!

WTGN320x240During her April tour in Ohio, Linda had the opportunity to be covered by WTGN located in Lima, Ohio.

Henry Promotes His Book In St. Augustine!

This is a video clip from the book signing at St. George St. in St. Augustine featuring none other than Henry the Tulip Bulb

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New Poster Announced...

He has done it again! Henry has produced a very affordable poster called “Attitudes of Gratitudes - that will Nourish Your Life!” This 8 1/2 x 11” poster will make a fine addition to your child or your grand child’s bedroom... heck, it would look great in your office cubicle or in your kitchen. For more information - Click Here...

Henry’s New Blog...

What is he up to, now? Henry has entered into the world of blogging with the help of his mom, Linda. To keep up with the busy life of Henry -- Click Here...

Henry takes on a new look!

The new Henry the Tulip Bulb CostumeJust in time for Spring... Henry the Tulip Bulb has been made into a full size costume for use in Linda M. Brandt’s speaking engagements at schools, churches and civic organizations.

If you have scheduled a presentation, be sure to have a highly animated, smaller person ready to make their acting debut as Henry needs to “come alive” at these events.

It will be great fun and everyone will be laughing with delight!

Imagine Developing an Attitude of Gratitude!

Henry the Tulip Bulb - Front Cover of His Book

Visit Henry’s Store!

Henry has been very busy with his new store... it features high quality -

  • clothing of all kinds for infants to adults,
  • coffee cups,
  • magnets,
  • stationary,
  • even outdoor apparel for you pet!

Imagine their delight when your children receive their very own "Henry mug" or "Henry T-shirt"! You will be able to relive Henry's story with these daily reminders that we are all here with a purpose.

Written by Linda M. Brandt, artist and author, Linda recently experienced her Henry moment when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor and had to undergo extensive surgery.

Her recovery which lead to the creation of this book is a testimony to the power of prayer and second chances we are given to find that purpose in life and to express it in an "Attitude of Gratitude".

May you live in the sunshine of wonderful and delicious "Henry moments!" 

SmallLogoF From the publisher:

Every day is a special day. Some days we can enjoy the sunshine and some days we might see a whole lot more dirt and manure. But no matter, we are loved. YOU are loved. And that's a message that we celebrate at WC Publishing. We love Henry and his mom, Linda, too. Henry helps us to remember to keep our minds open no matter what the circumstances are; Linda reminds us to keep strong in our faith that our Creator loves us so very much.

When you make Henry part of your home, won't you please let us know? We have a special Henry the Tulip Bulb Fanclub card for you! Drop an email to Linda and Henry, or you can send one to me, too. And if there is a certain adventure you think would be good for Henry, you can let us know that, too!

Welcome to the Henry the Tulip Bulb Fanclub! Stay wonderful, won't you?


Nancy Quatrano


The Author & Writer - Linda M. Brand

Our author and writer, Linda M. Brandt is pictured above. Her autobiography can be seen by clicking here.

This gift can be ordered, now!

You can purchase this fine quality mug at our new store... click here!

This gift can be ordered, now!

How about a Teddy Bear with Henry’s smiling face on the front! Click here to order!

This gift can be ordered, now!

Take Henry to school with this tote bag!

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